by Alex Villar

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released February 29, 2016


all rights reserved



Alex Villar Denver, Colorado

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Track Name: Travelers
When I began
I held my flag in the eastern wind
Laying claim to this bloodied land
With no victory;
The panels in the floors all squeak in the same places.

The ferns in the garden grow
Fuller everyday,
And the tree I planted from a seed
Is taller than two of me.

No mind,
I’m doing just fine.
I read my books and I ride my bike.
Morning coffee, evening wine
Forever and ever after.

A few things never change
But most continue on their way.
We are travelers on a million roads
We kick up dust and pay the tolls.

We nod our heads to say hello.
We walk together then we walk alone,
Be we strangers or old friends
Or lovers who’ve lost the heart.
The sun
Burns a path through the sky
From the day you’re born to the day you die
And are gone.
The sun forgets,
But always blazes on.
Track Name: Ghost In This House
There are ghosts in this house
I can feel them creeping
Its out of control
Where will we go?

There are words that they speak
I dare not repeat them
The pierce to the bone
They blacken my soul

There are ghosts
In these sheets
They lie here between us
They block you from view
What will I do?

In the night, black and cold
It’s a lesser treason
Where will we go, love?
Where will we go?

And the words are like poison
My tongue becomes frozen
I scramble for options
But the words are like
Track Name: Waiting Room
in the morning when I wake up
I see you putting on your make up
lily white sun dress
I just want to see you undress

just come back in to the bed babe
remind of the things i used to have
im not asking you to heal my wounds
but you dont have to leave so soon

oh the sun it burns my eyes
just another dirty sunrise
navigate a sea of bottles on the floor
to never find what Ive been looking for

when the days they just melt together
an endless string, it could go on forever
with no sense of purpose or of shame
how did I end up in this waiting room?
Track Name: El Gacho
Im a gambler’s son
And the only one
Saw him spend his father’s luck
On a high ball and a flush

This sad city shakes
Troops marching double pace
The red of blood and flag
Stream through air and grates

A tyrant chews his cigar
A country’s soul goes dark
There were things my father gambled
The rest we lost to the war

I heard the shots
That bled patriots
Such a disgrace
So Im leaving, honey

The only girl I truly loved
She flew that flag above
House and family
So she couldn’t come with me

Ive done my time

To America I came
No stop at the baggage claim
Cause when you’re starting over
You don’t bring many things

Married a blond-haired girl
Two boys, Two girls
Made a home outside the city
Even if she never loved me

And when it fell apart
I packed up the car
Another 30 years
And I’m back at the start

So I hit the road
Not sure where to go,
But Ive been here before
And the Sun’s still shining on…

Ive done my time

Just an old man now
Remembering troubles and regret
Like leafing through novelette

Looking back at me
Mounted on a mighty steed
El Gacho and some boyhood dreams

Wandering free
Happiest I’ ever be
But now im almost 83

I hope there might be more for me
Cause Ive done my time.


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